Foundation Earth, alongside leading political figures and scientific experts, has addressed a joint letter to the European Commission and the UK Government calling on “all stakeholders to engage openly, inclusively and collaboratively to find the optimised and harmonised solution” to food eco-labelling.

The coalition – which includes senior politicians from six countries, a number of Europe’s leading food and environmental scientists, the UN’s climate change body and three influential EU-backed food and climate change initiatives – has set out the key principles for a future eco-labelling scheme for food and drink.

The letter states that an optimum environmental labelling scheme for food and drink should:

be governed by an independent organisation,
be harmonised across the continent of Europe,
build upon the European Union’s Product Environmental Footprint,
be based upon the foundations of life cycle assessment,
use as much primary data as possible,
allow products to be compared based upon credible and robust product-specific data.

“Any environmental labelling system that falls short on these core principles not only risks failing to gain the trust of consumers, but would not provide food and drink producers with the product level information they require to introduce sustainable innovations through their supply chains.”

“It is these small changes – when added together in their millions – that will go the furthest in reducing the industry’s environmental impacts.”