Mash Direct launch Eco Impact Scores

Mash Direct have just launched Foundation Earth Front of Pack Scores on a range of their products

Find out how they, and others, have scored as well as some more in-depth information on their online certificates at the link below!

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The world is facing unprecedented challenges in reversing climate change and feeding a growing global population.

Foundation Earth's environmental scores give consumers the information to make more sustainable buying choices and food producers the analysis they require to innovate in a more sustainable way.

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front-of-pack ENVIRONMENTAL scores

We are providing consumers with the clear and credible information they need to make more sustainable buying choices. And we are helping food producers to innovate in a more sustainable way.

Together, we can build a more sustainable food industry.

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Momentum is building quickly at Foundation Earth. With our partners, we will seek to scale what has already started to bring current, science based information to the market and consumers in an innovative and credible way all across Europe.

Cliona Howie
Incoming CEO, Foundation Earth

The launch of Foundation Earth is a very significant moment for the European food industry, a culmination of years of work from our EIT Food consortium and from the likes of Oxford University.

Andy Zynga

I am delighted to support the launch of Foundation Earth, which is championing a really innovative proposal having brought together the leading experts with support from major food industry players across Europe.

Chris Grayling MP
Former UK Cabinet Minister

Foundation Earth’s ambitions to develop front-of-pack environmental labelling on food has the potential to help address the urgent challenges of sustainability and climate change.

George Eustice MP
UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

I support the launch of Foundation Earth, an independent organisation that will issue front-of-pack environmental scores on food products, helping people make more informed choices.

Luke Pollard MP
UK Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

This pan-European scientific project will help us to further develop the concept of communicating the environmental impact of our products, providing us with the opportunity to test environmental footprint methods, learn how different products perform and establish how consumers respond.

Johannes Weber

Through our small little actions taken together we can shake up supply chains and drive innovation, for the sake of all our children, grandchildren and our planet. You can help us finish the job our Dad started.

Kerry, Clare, Tara and Ciara
Daughters of late Foundation Earth founder, Denis Lynn