About us

Foundation Earth is an independent, non-profit organisation established to issue front-of-pack environmental scores on food products, enabling consumers to make more sustainable buying choices. We have brought together expert scientists and leading figures from food production and retailing across the UK and EU who all share a vision of a future food industry that doesn’t destroy the planet.

Our first pilot launched in Autumn 2021 using a  farm to shelf methodology developed using data from the academic paper Poore & Nemecek (2018).

The pilot is running in parallel to an intensive nine-month development programme, supported by Nestlé, Unilever and PepsiCo, that is analysing the benefits of our farm to shelf metodology against a leading EU PEF-aligned farm to fork methodology.

Both methodologies will allow two products of the same type to be compared on their individual merits via a complete product life cycle analysis, as opposed to simply using secondary data to estimate the environmental impact of an entire product group. This method of individual assessment  is crucial to encourage sustainable innovation in the international food supply chain.

The Foundation Earth R&D programme aims to produce an optimum system for use across the UK and EU by 2022.

Denis Lynn


Foundation Earth was Denis Lynn’s idea and creation.

Denis Lynn was one of the world’s leading food entrepreneurs. Foundation Earth was his idea and creation, but he tragically died in May 2021, before he could see his ambition realised.

Denis was the founder of Finnebrogue Artisan and at the heart of many food revolutions over his 35 year career in the food industry.

Board of Directors

Foundation Earth is managed by the Board of Directors. As well as dealing with the running of the organisation, they also receive recommendations from both the Scientific and Industrial Committees. Our board are entrusted with ensuring Foundation Earth continues to provide clear, credible front-of-pack environmental scores.

Scientific Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Foundation Earth Scientific Committee is to ensure the scientific rigour of the systems used within Foundation Earth; to provide advice, and to provide recommendations to the main Foundation Earth Board to assist with the development of an optimum environmental labelling system. The committee brings together leading European food and environmental scientists, including from Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom.   The committee is chaired by Professor Chris Elliott OBE.

Industry Advisory Group

Members of the industry advisory group agree to explore the potential for environmental labelling on food products and support Foundation Earth’s ambition to help build a more sustainable food industry.

The industry advisory group acts as a sounding board for the Foundation Earth Board and our Scientific Advisory Committee.

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