we're dedicated
to development

Along with our partner Nestlé, we’re trialing and testing Europe’s two leading systems for measuring the environmental impact of food.

Here at Foundation Earth we know science never changes, but our understanding of it can. That’s why our commitment to the best front-of-pack scoring system goes beyond what we’re doing today.

We are dedicated to continued research into the latest production practices, continually optimising our front of pack scoring method so that consumers can make more sustainable buying choices. We are engaged in an intensive research and development programme to bring the best of  a ‘Farm to Shelf’ and a PEF aligned ‘Farm to Fork’ methods together into one optimum environmental labelling system.

Our scientific advisory committee comprises world leading scientists from across the continent of Europe and is chaired by Professor Chris Elliott OBE.

Our development is always science led and provides a robust base on which food product comparisons can be accurately delivered.