Coca-Cola in Europe has joined Foundation Earth as a member to calculate the environmental footprint of a selection of their products. The new collaboration builds on Foundation Earth’s mission to support businesses in accounting for their environmental impact and provide them with the information to make their value chains more sustainable.

We know that to make ecolabelling the new normal and achieve impact we need to gather a critical mass of products scored, that will enable consumers to compare items in their daily shop. An important step towards this is bringing on board large-scale multinational companies that produce a lot of the food products we consume on a regular basis.

The newest addition to Foundation Earth’s portfolio of brands trialling the Foundation Earth method is Coca-Cola in Europe, who will be running a selection of products through our environmental impact scoring method.

Going through an ecolabelling exercise is an important step for businesses to gain intelligence and improve processes so they can meet sustainability targets. The full Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) offered by Foundation Earth enable companies to accurately assess the supply chain of a specific product and identify where changes can be made.

“Joining forces with large multinationals plays an important role in our goal to scale ecolabelling. Constant calls are being put out for businesses to account for their footprint, and a first step is gathering the data that shows where the environmental impacts are, and how they can be reduced,” says Cliona Howie, CEO at Foundation Earth.

“Coca-Cola in Europe is happy to partner with Foundation Earth on this important initiative. It is a topic we have been following closely in recent years, and we are looking forward to working in partnership with Foundation Earth to learn more. We are committed to providing clear and transparent information about our products that help support consumer understanding about environmental impacts and drive healthier and more sustainable choices, and we hope that the results of these trials can better inform the debate around environmental scoring and a harmonised labelling scheme,” says Wouter Vermeulen, Public Policy and Sustainability Director, Europe, the Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola in Europe is one of the many companies working with Foundation Earth to look into their product supply chains and identify science and data-based actions that will help them reach their net-zero goals. For more information on the companies we work with, visit