Cliona is the Chief Executive Director of Foundation Earth driving systemic change across the agro-food sector. She has broad background in the environmental sector. She has worked as an environmental specialist for over 23 years, starting as an expert in Environmental Impact Assessment evaluating UK development plans for the county of Surrey and the Network Rail Power Supply Upgrade initiative.

Cliona has chaired the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network Environment Sector Group, driving the uptake of resource efficiency and circular economy solutions for SMEs across Europe. Cliona has also collaborated as an expert with the European Commission on advancing the circular economy, climate policy and innovation agenda as a member of the Circular Economy Expert Finance Group and the EU Coordination Group on Circular Economy. She has worked across Europe with national and regional public authorities to design, develop and deliver large scale, multi-sectorial plans for decarbonization and transition to a low-carbon, circular economy for industrial value chains.

In addition, Cliona is the leading circular economy expert Foundation COTEC, Spain’s leading innovation expert group and has served as an expert evaluator and judge of climate and circular economy initiative.